Kingston Federation of Residents

Widely known as ‘The FED’, the Kingston Federation of Residents’ is the umbrella body that looks after all residents’ associations, and is the primary voice of – and lobby group for – all social housing residents in the borough.

Although funded through the Council, the Federation fiercely guards its reputation as a wholly independent, non-political organisation, in which capacity it has a long track record of success in influencing various housing plans and policies for the benefit of residents.

A not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, the FED works tirelessly to gain the best possible deal for social housing residents, frequently acting as the main communications conduit between residents and their council landlord.

The FED’s membership comprises both residents’ associations and individual resident members. It welcomes enquiries from residents who wish to play a greater role in bringing improvements to the social housing sector. You can find our contact details on the contact page.

Residents’ associations

Joining an existing residents’ association – or forming a new group for your estate or flats’ block – is one of the best and fastest ways to bring about housing and environmental improvements for your area.

There are currently about a dozen residents’ associations throughout the borough (representing just under half of all Kingston’s council tenants, leaseholders and freeholders) and they make a significant difference by:

  • Raising local housing and neighbourhood issues directly with the Council
  • Successfully bidding for additional capital funds to make communal and environmental improvements
  • Nominating resident representatives to sit on various council committees and partnership groups, where housing policy and priorities are decided
  • Improving local community relations and enhancing civic pride in their area

Local councillors and council staff sometimes attend residents’ association meetings, providing a direct line of contact between residents and their council landlord.

If there is no residents’ association in your area, the Council and the Kingston Federation of Residents will help you set one up, fund your administration and provide you with practical help and advice. Contact us for help and to find out about available grants.