Finally, some better news . . .

There are now more social housing tenants in work than ever before and the proportion is continuing to rise, according to the recently published English Housing Survey.

In 2013/14, some 37% of all social housing tenants in England (nearly 1.5 million households) were in employment – up from 31% (just over 1.2 million households) in 2003/04, and a substantial rise from the 34.6% (1.28 million households) who were in work in last year’s survey.

Significantly however, during the same period, the proportion of those working and in receipt of housing benefits has also increased, from one in five to one in three, indicating that many of the most recent tenants finding work are not earning an adequate living wage.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the private rented sector has further overtaken social housing in terms of the overall numbers of households. Private renters accounted for 19.4% of all households (4.4m) in 2013/14, up from 18% the previous year, while the proportion of social rent tenants also increased by a smaller amount, from 16.8% to 17.3% (3.9m households).