Resident Participation Review Group

Of all the various partnership and consultative bodies which help residents to get closer to the Council and its housing policies, the RPRG is perhaps the most valuable and effective – providing a bi-weekly forum for tenants, leaseholders, councillors and council officers to meet and exchange views on any and every important social housing topic of the day.

From providing residents’ feedback on new housing policy proposals, to examining the performance of different housing services and recommending changes where appropriate, RPRG members play a crucial role in shaping social housing across the borough. Their views and recommendations go directly to the Council’s Head of Housing and, where appropriate, to the Housing Consultative Committee.

Administered through the Kingston Federation of Residents (FED), whose Chair also heads up the RPRG, the group is the usual starting point for the introduction of new housing proposals and both national and local issues likely to affect social housing residents in Kingston. Anyone interested in learning more about the RPRG – or perhaps keen to join the group – should contact the FED on 020 8974 5806 or email: