KRiSP Resident Scrutiny Panel

Kingston Residents’ Scrutiny Panel – KRiSP

Kingston has a Residents Scrutiny Panel made up of 12 tenants and leaseholders. The panel has been specifically recruited and trained to review housing services on behalf of other residents and make recommendations to the council about how these services can be improved. Kingston Federation of Residents worked closely with the council to set up the panel.

The aims of the panel include:

  • directly involving council tenants and leaseholders in helping to shape the council’s housing policies and priorities
  • investigating how well housing services are being delivered and making recommendations about how they can be improved
  • helping make sure housing services are of the highest standard and quality and provide good value for money

How to get involved with KRiSP

Recruitment for KRiSP is ongoing and there are usually spaces available on the panel. If you are interested in joining KRiSP and you can apply by completing an online form which is available on the council’s website (see the link below).

As a KRiSP member your job will be to:

  • decide what services or topics KRiSP will investigate – topics can cover any aspect of the housing service such as the caretaking and cleaning service, housing repairs or the council’s approach to countering anti-social behaviour
  • take part in a scrutiny review of a particular aspect of the service
  • make recommendations about improvements that could be made and highlight good working practices

Full training and support will be provided free of charge to support you to carry out this role with confidence.

Benefits of being a member

There are lots of benefits to being a member of KRiSP, including:

  • the chance to make a real difference to our housing services and to improve things for you and your neighbours
  • the opportunity to develop your life and work skills, including leadership, interview, report writing and information analysis skills


If you are a member of KRiSP all your out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed. These expenses include travel, child care, relief care (if you look after a family member or friend), and personal assistant or support worker costs if you are disabled and need help to carry out your KRiSP responsibilities.

KRiSP contact details

Tel: 020 8547 5003


More information about KRiSP, including an online application form, can be found on the council’s website.