RBK Annual Housing Report

Kingston council’s annual housing report is a summary of what has happened in housing in the borough of the past year. The report is aimed at the service users: council tenants and leaseholders.

The 2012-13 report features interviews with council residents and performance information for each of the housing services the council provides. The report points out where the council needs to improve as well as celebrating its successes. One such success is the Better Homes programme which moved into a second phase, replacing windows and doors in council properties and improving the exteriors.

The 2012-13 report also gives details of ways in which the council is working hard to involve residents more closely in decision making. Activities in this area range from borough wide initiatives like Kingston Residents’ Scrutiny Panel to local initiatives such as estate management agreements, which give residents an important say about how the environment around their home is cared for. The report acknowledges that the service will always face challenges but underlines a determination to provide affordable homes that people are happy with and proud to live in.

See RBK’s website for more information and to download the 2012-13 Annual Housing Report.